Our Blogging Project

Yay! We have a blogging project in school. We have to write about a book that we are reading and mine is called Chasing Vermeer. It is a mystery book about art theft [which I am good at ( I mean art, not theft)]. I have read it before but it was a while ago and I have forgot really how it ends (which is the most important part of a mystery book ).  So the next post you see will be the first entry.      : )


Hi,  I’m Zach. For Halloween I shall be running a haunted house with my friend John. We have been working on it for a long time. My mom is getting decorations and props today during school so we can add the final touches and John is getting wall parts after school. Then we will construct an entrance, finish the exit, make signs and get ready to scare little children. If you know where John lives come to our haunted house. If you don’t know where he lives then ask him cuz we aint givin his address out hmm ( imagine that in a redneck voice and you would get it ). It is called The Labyrinth.

The Homeless

Upon my observations of   “THE HOMELESS” (dun dun da), I have found that they have a thing for money and spare change. “THE HOMELESS” (dun dun da) thrive on change. They sometimes sit on the side of the road and eat discarded food. Sometimes “THE HOMELESS” (dun dun da) can go pretty crazy and…..and…..I don’t know what to say now. Maybe I shall use A THESAURUS!!!!! (dun dun da)

Here’s a Fun Game!!!

I havent posted in a while but now i have a good idea. I am going to spell a word based on their number order in the alphabet like this: 1 2 3= abc.       Except while I write the numbers I will hold the SHIFT key so it would be like this: ! @ # =123=abc.        See if you can figure out the word   ( oh and if you see to symbols close together it is one number like:@$=24=x      %  @$  @)   !*  !   !$   %   !%   @!   !(


This halloween i am gonna be a clown and scare children and make them drop their candy an they will run away and hide under cars with abandoned kitty cats and then a monkey will come from the sky with a polkadot suit and i will scare him to and he will drop is candy and he will run away and he will hide under a car. Tell me what you are gonna do for halloween and what you are going to be. I’m going to HHN this year. If you want to know what that is go to HalloweenHorrorNights.com


I don’t know what to right about. So i’m gonna talk about pigs. some are pink and others are hairy. the make snorting noises and go weeeeeee! like in the geico commercial. They roll in mud. then they make good pork, bacon, sasauge, and ham. But no pig is better than a cow….

My Favorite Book of the Summer

My favorite book is Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. I love it so much that I have read it 6 times. THAT’S A BIG NUMBER!!!!!!!! For everyone who doesn’t read the Harry Potter Series,  two simple words (and a lot of exclamation points):                                     ” YOU MUST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”  Now I shall explain why. First of all, the are AY-MAZE-ING. I misspelled that wurd.  Secondly, you will NOT want to put it down.  You would have to be shackled to the back of a rocket ship flying at 5,000 mph into a giant pit of spikes, lava, and tacos on a saturn-like planet in a different universe that’s purple before you put this book down because the storytelling is done in such a fantasy-atasti-licous and descriptive way that keeps you hooked like a dumb fish to a line with a little WORMY! Finally, the action never stops and there are just the right amount of plot twists. If you managed to overcome the severe bumfuzzlement of  my post to this point then you should consider reading them. Unless you have already ( then read them again).

May the force be with you and pie is good.